vernis à ongles Opi Opi (15 ml)

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Vous aimeriez avoir la meilleure gamme de soins esthétiques avec des produits de qualité et à un prix abordable ? Alors ne vous passez pas à côté de vernis à ongles Opi Opi (15 ml) !

  • Capacité: 15 ml
  • Propriétés:
    • Finition brillant
    • Longue durée
Poids ND
Dimensions 8,5 × 2 × 2 cm

a red-vival city, aurora berry-alis, check out the old geysirs, chills are multiplying!, cosmo-not tonight honey!, danny & sandy 4 ever!, don’t cry over spilled milkshakes, electrifyin´pink, frenchie likes to kiss?, grease is the word, hopelessly devoted to opi, I'll have a gin & tectonic, icelanded a bottle of opi, krona-logical order, less is norse, lisbon wants moor opi, made it to the seventh hill!, meet a boy cute after shave can be, no turning back from pink street, now museum, now you don't, one heckla of a color!, pink ladies rule the school, reykjavik has all the hot spots, rydell forever, summer Llovin’ having a blast!, suzi & the arctic fox, suzi chases portu-geese, tagus in that selfie!, teal me more, teal me more, tell me about it stud, that's what friends are thor, this isn't greenland, tile art to warm your heart, turn on the northern lights, was it all just a dream?, you've got nata on me, you’re the shade that I want




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